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Tuition fee €6,000.00 per year
Application fee €200.00 one-time
Deposit €500.00 one-time
Course code BAR0_18SRPDA
Accreditation December 31, 2018: Ministry of Education, Republic of Latvia
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Studies in six fields of concentration:

Architectural Design
Fine Art
Building Technology and Science
Project Management, Economics, and Law
City Planning
History and Theory of Architecture
Humanities and Social Subjects
Bachelor Thesis.
*Architecture students are encouraged to compose their curriculum by choosing additional study courses from the Creative and Business programmes.

The curriculum aims to integrate the knowledge of all these diverse, yet complementing domains. The main aspiration is to provide students with the ability of analytical thinking and problem solving: granting the knowledge, intellectual capacity and practical skills of interrelating apparently separate domains of the architectural realm of theory and practice.
The successive years of the curriculum are built up on one another in Architectural Design studies. Each academic year the curriculum aims to explore consequently more complex issues and scales of design problems as such:

- Principles of Design
- Private Space and Dwelling
- Public Space and Place-making
- Urban Space and Urban regeneration

Year 1

Semester 1
Fundamentals of Visual Structures and Composition
Basics of design I
Math (Calculus) I
Descriptive geometry I
Environmental psychology
Fine arts I
English for Architects I
Introduction to Architectural culture I

Semester 2
Basics of design II
Basics of building technologies
Math (Calculus) II
Descriptive geometry II
Fine arts II
English for Architects II
History of art, architecture and urban design I
Study practice
Ethics and social responsibility in architecture

Year 2

Semester 3

Architectural Design I
Building technologies and practices I
Introduction to architectural structural systems
Fine arts III
Computer media in architecture
History of art, architecture and urban design II
Practical philosophy

Semester 4

Architectural Design II
Building science and application I
Building technologies and practices II
Architectural structures I
Fine arts IV
Computer applications in design I
History of art, architecture and urban design III
Study practice
Civil protection

Year 3

Semester 5
Architectural Design III
Building science and application II
Building technologies and practices III
Architectural structures II
Landscape architecture
Computer applications in design II
Architectural theory and criticism I
Latvian architecture

Semester 6
Architectural Design IV
Architectural structures III
Architectural theory and criticism II
Building science and application III
Urban design
Project and construction management
Basics of work safety
Cultural heritage

Year 4

Semester 7
Interior (Fine arts)
Study practice
Basics of legal aspects
Sustainable design
Organization management
Bachelor Thesis (Final/State Exam)

Apply now! Fall semester 2018/19
Application deadline
Jun 30, 2018 23:59
Europe/Riga time
Studies commence
Sep 3, 2018
Apply now! Spring semester 2018/19
Application start
Oct 1, 2018
Application deadline
Dec 27, 2018 23:59
Europe/Riga time
Studies commence
Feb 4, 2019

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States