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Maģistra grādsStarptautiskais bizness (specializācija: uzņēmējdarbības vadība, EN, 1.5 gadi, 60 KP)

Studiju maksa €4 600 gadā
Pieteikuma maksa €200 vienreizējs maksājums
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Aimed to provide a solid academic foundation and professional competence the programme develops students’ ability to successfully operate in the international environment, set up and lead own businesses, expand internationally, manage organisation`s human resources or projects, or finance.

This programme is primarily focused on developing students’ abilities to apply creative approaches, solve sophisticated problems, identify competitive opportunities and generate diligent decisions, thus enabling the students to persevere, advance and breakthrough in the fast-changing and unpredictable global business environment.

Enhanced by the combination of RISEBA academic, research and technical resources and it’s international partner institutions the programme in International Business invariably accelerates a new synergy, ensures students’ successful participation in numerous international projects, exchange and double degree programmes.

Programmas saturs

Core curriculum:

International Business Environment and Sustainability
International Business Law
Leadership and Change Management
Cultural Diplomacy and Negotiations
International Strategic Management
Financial Analysis for Decision Making
Management Systems and IT Applications
Project Management
Innovation, Knowledge Management and Business Models
Open innovation and Knowledge Management
Research Methods for Business and Organisations
Arts for Management and Personal Development
Business Analytics
Professional Internship
Master thesis

Specialisation: Business Executive

Export Management
International Finance
International Business Operations
International Entrepreneurship
E-business and New Media
International Marketing and Communications

Karjeras iespējas

Graduates have successful careers at such international companies as Statoil, Ernst&Young, Inserviss Credit, SEB, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, and many other large and small companies in the UK, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Norway, France, Canada, and the USA.

Pieteikties tagad! Pavasara semestris 2019/20
Pieteikšanās beigsies
2019. gada 15. dec. 23:59
Europe/Riga time
Studijas sāksies
2020. gada 3. febr.

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